Doctors association raises concerns over growing number of medical graduates

Association calls for accurate figures on medical students studying abroad

female medicine doctor filling patient medical doctors
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AMMAN — Dr Hazem Al-Qarrala, the head of the Media Committee at the Jordan Doctors Association (JDA), expressed apprehension over the increasing number of doctors associated with the organization, reaching a total of 28,000. اضافة اعلان

He warned that the expected influx of approximately 30,000 graduates within the next five years will pose a significant crisis.

Call for accurate figures on medical students studying abroad
He also urged the Ministry of Higher Education and other official entities to provide the JDA with accurate data on the number of medical students studying abroad.

Qarrala also disclosed that the Ministry of Health appoints an average of 400–420 doctors annually, excluding the years affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, during which 550–600 doctors were appointed each year.

These appointments are made across various sectors, including medical services, university hospitals, and private sector hospitals.

Impact of quality of education
Addressing the challenges associated with the expanding enrollment of medical students in Jordanian universities, Qarrala emphasized that this trend has a direct impact on the quality of education provided.

In addition to academic instruction, there is a pressing need for practical training and qualification within hospitals.

Ideally, he said, the availability of a sufficient number of hospital beds should align with the number of students, ensuring comprehensive and effective training for future medical professionals.

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