Consumer protection group aids needy families during Ramadan

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The National Consumer Protection Association continued its Ramadan aid plan, urging citizens to show solidarity with needy families during this month of generosity, following the teachings of our noble religion which emphasize community support to alleviate the hardships faced by economically challenged families.اضافة اعلان

Dr. Mohammed Obeidat, the president of the Consumer Protection Association, stated in a press release today that the difficult living conditions experienced by the poor have led to increased poverty and need among these families. This necessitates all of us to stand by their side and extend a helping hand, especially during this blessed month, Al-Ghad reported.

Obeidat also pointed out the decrease in households' spending on food due to changes in their spending priorities caused by increases in fuel, electricity, water, and other service prices, which have added additional pressures. This may affect the provision of aid and assistance to needy families, requiring attention from charitable organizations, national institutions, and benefactors to increase allocations for these families during this holy month.

He urged well-off benefactors, national institutions, and traders to hasten their charitable contributions and not delay them, as these families urgently need both monetary and in-kind donations. Providing charity, Zakat funds, and donations will help these needy families secure and purchase essential goods they desperately need.

Obeidat added that homemakers have a great responsibility towards these needy families, especially if they are neighbors, relatives, or friends, by allocating a portion of their charity and in-kind contributions during cooking to these families who struggle to make ends meet.

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