Civil Service Consumer Corp. highlights 80% locally sourced goods

Civil Service Consumer Corporation
Civil Service Consumer Corporation. (Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN — Director General of the Civil Service Consumer Corporation  Salman Al-Qudah, emphasized that over 80 percent of the Corporation's goods are locally sourced. In an interview with the Jordan News Agency, Petra. اضافة اعلان

Qudah highlighted the Foundation's commitment to supporting the national product, recognizing its vital role in employing labor and reducing unemployment rates, Al-Ghad reported.

He underscored the significance of local industry products in the domestic market, citing their high quality, reasonable prices, and availability during supply chain disruptions. Qudah outlined the organization's approach, emphasizing the analysis of consumption rates for essential materials such as rice, sugar, vegetable oils, and milk to determine strategic stock quantities.

Qudah stated that the corporation maintains a secure strategic stock sufficient for about seven months, aligning with current consumption rates. The organization has implemented an emergency hedging plan since the outset of the Gaza Strip aggression, preparing for any potential changes.

The Foundation offers promotional deals and price reductions on around 200 commodities, primarily food, from the twenty-third of each month to the third of the following month, coinciding with salary disbursement. Discounts range between 5 to 35 percent, aiming to fulfill the organization's mission of alleviating the citizen's burden.

He highlighted the institution's efforts to enhance the shopping experience for consumers, leveraging communication through social media, a dedicated website, and a smartphone application for convenient purchases. Delivery is free for orders exceeding JD25, arriving in less than six hours.

Qudah revealed the institution's successful management of three consecutive crises since 2020, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the latest with Israel’s war on Gaza. This necessitated emergency plans, leading to increased quantities of goods contracted with suppliers.

Expressing pride in consumer confidence, Qudah emphasized the institution's ability to meet needs in various circumstances. The institution, a financially and administratively independent government arm, collaborates with industry and commerce chambers, participates in the Made in Jordan campaign, and engages in cooperation agreements with various governmental, official, and international bodies.

As part of the institution's plan for the current year, efforts focus on improving and developing markets, enhancing citizen services, and modernizing market infrastructure. The institution aims to provide an optimal shopping experience and plans to diversify its product range to approximately 9,000 varieties.

Regarding product quality, the institution continually seeks to increase laboratory tests to ensure safety and quality. The institution removes local goods with 45 days left to expire and 60 days for foreign goods.

With 69 branches nationwide, the institution plans to open three new branches in Amman this year and move to a new market in Mafraq, covering an area exceeding 1,000 square meters. The corporation owns ten main warehouses, nine in the Kho area, totaling around 20,000 square meters, along with subsidiary warehouses in Rusayfa, and freezers and refrigerators spanning approximately 400 square meters for refrigerated and frozen materials.

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