Chamber of Industry launches 'Urdoni' app to promote local products

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AMMAN – The Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) announced the launch of a Jordanian website and application called “Urdoni” as part of its efforts to market Jordanian products, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

Fathi Al-Jaghbir, the head of the Jordanian and Amman Chambers of Industry, announced the launch of the application through a press conference attended by Deputy Head of the Jordanian Chamber of Industry, Mahmoud Walid Al-Jitan, Director-General of the Amman Chamber of Industry, Nael Al-Husami, and the head of “Made in Jordan”, Mohammad Al-Shaer.

Husami explained that the purpose of launching the website and its accompanying mobile application is to provide consumers with a simple and fast way to search for products by name, making it easier for them to distinguish Jordanian products from others. At the same time, it allows industrial companies to display their products innovatively and add a description for each product and its barcode.

He added that the application is characterized by ease of use and facilitates access to numerous products. It also allows users to identify products by scanning their barcode.

The application is available to all industrial companies registered in the Kingdom, and ACI will organize a promotional and informative campaign for the application to encourage citizens to access the website and download the application on their Android or IOS phones.

Husami anticipates that this application will become a major promotional and marketing platform for Jordanian industries, not only in the local market but also in international markets.

Jaghabir confirmed the importance of promoting Jordanian products in the local market, as increasing their sales creates more job opportunities.

He added that Jordanian products, which are characterized by high quality, are capable of meeting citizens’ needs for most goods. Local industries are subject to strict and direct supervision by various regulatory bodies to maintain quality, safety, and standards.

Al-Shaer added that Made in Jordan will work during this year to enhance the exports of two out of the ten industrial sectors, pointing out that Jordanian industries have witnessed a significant increase in sales in the local market, especially the detergent industry, which has gained a market share of up to 81 percent during the past two months.

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