Children’s rights bill on hold until inconsistencies resolved — Odat

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AMMAN — The joint Lower House committee, comprising the legal, women, and family affairs committees, headed by MP Abdel Moneim Al-Odat, announced it had completed discussions on the children’s rights draft law, according to Khaberni.اضافة اعلان

The announcement came during a meeting held by the committee on Sunday in the presence of the Chair of the Women and Family Affairs Committee Abeer Al-Jabour, Minister of State for Legal Affairs Wafaa Bani Mustafa, Sharia judges Ashraf Al-Omari and Mansour Al-Tawalbeh, and Secretary General of the National Council for Family Affairs Muhammad Al-Miqdadi.

Odat said that the committee discussed the articles which refer to the rights of children with disabilities. He said that contacts have been made with the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to adopt their comments and suggestions regarding these materials in the interest of the committee to serve this segment and integrate its members into society.

He pointed out that Jordan has strived to protect and care for persons with disabilities, adding that existing legislation already supported and integrated them into public life at all levels.

He stressed that the committee will not approve the draft law until all forms of contradictions and inconsistencies between its texts and the provisions of the Personal Status Law and all relevant legislation are removed, so that this project is integrated with other legislation.

He asserted that the committee’s goal is not only to approve laws, but to study their implementation and application on the ground, and the ability to translate and adapt texts to serve the higher national interest and the interest of society.

Lawmaker Jabour stressed the importance of implementing laws and legislation in a way that ensures the achievement of the goals for which it was proposed.

In addition, all the interventions of the attendees focused on the practical application of these articles of the draft law.

Bani Mustafa praised the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Law because of its great role in organizing the lives of persons with disabilities. There are nine direct services that are provided to persons with disabilities, including health and educational services and customs exemptions, she said.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Odat praised the efforts made by the government, represented by the ministers of justice and state for legal affairs, the chief justice department, and the National Council for Family Affairs, for submitting proposals that contributed to formulating a law in line with religious values and the Constitution.

Separately, the former president of the Legislation and Opinion Bureau, Fedaa Al-Hmoud, questioned why society is divided on the children’s rights bill, Al-Ghad News reported.

The comment came during a legal briefing Hmoud gave on the children’s rights bill at a discussion by the Amman Group for Future Dialogue, held on Friday to announce the group’s position on the children’s bill.

She said that it is a moral and legal responsibility to inform the public on the draft law’s provisions and its spirit, which are consistent with the international human rights conventions ratified by Jordan and with the constitution and national legislation.

Humoud denounced the disproportionate “demonization” of the bill by people she did not identify. She said that the majority of those trying to demonize the bill had not read the provisions of the bill clearly. Those who were aware of the provisions must realize that the draft law is in line with all the laws to which children are party, such as the personal status code, protection against domestic violence, and the juvenile code.

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