CPF leaves its mark on two and a half million young Jordanians

The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF)
(Photo: Crown Prince Foundation)
AMMAN — The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) has made significant strides in empowering youth of Jordan, impacting over two and a half million young Jordanians since its inception in in 2015. اضافة اعلان

The foundation, led by HRH Crown Prince Hussein, aims to engage with Jordan’s youth by inspiring and improving community wellbeing, leadership, entrepreneurship, technical and vocational education, and innovation and socioeconomic opportunities.

CEO of CPF, Tamam Mango emphasized that the foundation’s establishment in 2015 shares HRH Crown Prince Hussein’s dedication to creating a promising future for young Jordanians by empowering them to take on leadership roles and contribute to civic services, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.

Mango highlighted the foundation provides young Jordanians the right opportunities to contribute to the country's growth narrative through its three pillars: employability and entrepreneurship, leadership, and citizenship across the Kingdom’s governorates and sectors.

Capacity building and civic participation
Since December 2022, the foundation has been establishing regional offices, hosting over 177 activities and events to enrich the lives of more than 15,000 young individuals through capacity building and civic participation.

These offices collaborate with public and private sector institutions, as well as civil society organizations, to orchestrate programs and outreach initiatives even in remote areas of the Kingdom.

The foundation's ambitious goal is to impact 100,000 lives by the end of the year through a range of initiatives, including youth space transformations, in-school programs, and increased youth engagement with decision-makers.

Technical education
Meanwhile, Nujoud Sarhan, Director of Program Management and Performance Excellence multifaceted initiatives undertaken by the organization with the notable establishment of Al-Hussein Technical University which enhance technical education to provide the labor market with skilled and competent youth.

TechWorks: digital manufacturing and innovation
Another noteworthy initiative is TechWorks, a digital manufacturing lab equipped with cutting-edge tools and machinery to foster innovation among young Jordanians.

Under the foundation’s management, other initiatives include: the Naua platform, a national initiative aimed at strengthening collective social impact, and the Nahno platform, a volunteering network created in partnership with the United Nations Children's Fund and the Ministry of Youth.

While, the Haqiq initiative, focuses on instilling values of citizenship, leadership, and community service. Additionally, the Youth Excellence Fund initiative aims to promote excellence in performance and knowledge across multiple sectors.

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