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Bangladesh provides medicine, aid to Palestine

(Photo: Handouts from Bangladesh Embassy)
(Photo: Handouts from Bangladesh Embassy)
AMMAN — The Bangladesh Embassy in Amman on Monday handed over medicine sent by the government of Bangladesh for the people of Palestine as aid, according to a statement from the embassy. اضافة اعلان

During an informal ceremony, Bangladesh Ambassador to Jordan Nahida Sobhan handed over the aid to the secretary general of the Jordan Hashemite Charity in the presence of a representative of the Palestinian Embassy in Jordan.

During the handover ceremony, the ambassador said that Bangladesh has always been vocal about Palestine and has always been sympathetic to the Palestinian people since its inception.

Father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, in his first speech to the United Nations, also expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people and called for an end to all occupations.

His daughter, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has maintained Bangladesh's position towards the Palestinian people and Bangladesh has been conducts its policy in the light of the motto of friendship to all, malice to none, according to the statement.

Bangladesh has unwavering support for the oppressed and exploited people of the world and Bangladesh wants an end to all forms of occupation, the statement said.

During the ceremony, the Ambassador thanked the government of Jordanand the Hashemite Charity Foundation for extending the assistance provided by the Government of Bangladesh to the Palestinian people.

The Ambassador said that $50,000, provided by Bangladesh as cash assistance has already been deposited in Palestine’s State Treasury.

Hussein Shibli, secretary general of the Hashemite Charity Foundation, attended the event and thanked the ambassador and acknowledged the support of Bangladesh for the peoples of Palestine. He added that the medical assistance provided by the Bangladesh government will strengthen the mental strength of the Palestinian people.

He also lauded the humanitarian generosity of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The representative of the Palestinian Embassy Bassam Hijjawi has expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Palestinian people for Bangladesh's ideological position and for its continued support to the Palestinian people.

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