Anti-Narcotics Division Seizes 9.5 Million Pills in Major Bust

Anti-Narcotics Division Seizes 9.5 Million Pills in Major Bust
Amman - Anti-narcotics officers intercepted a major drug haul, seizing a substantial quantity of narcotics destined for a neighboring country and arresting members of two gangs linked to regional drug trafficking networks.اضافة اعلان

The Public Security Department announced on Wednesday the successful interdiction of two smuggling operations involving approximately 9.5 million narcotic pills and 143 kg of hashish, along with the apprehension of the gang members involved.

Following two months of intensive intelligence and operational efforts, the Anti-Narcotics Division dismantled the operations of these gangs. The investigation traced their criminal activities within the Kingdom and their connections to regional drug trafficking networks and their affiliates.

Preliminary information indicated that two groups linked to regional drug manufacturing and smuggling networks were preparing to smuggle large quantities of narcotics. Special investigative teams from the Anti-Narcotics Division and other security agencies were formed to verify this information and monitor all suspects involved.

The investigative teams worked separately to track the two smuggling groups. Through persistent surveillance and investigation, the network's structure and the suspects' identities became clear. The gangs used similar methods, hiding drugs within heavy construction machinery, which suggested a connection to the same regional criminal network, despite no direct link within Jordan.

After meticulous investigative and intelligence efforts, the teams identified the details of the smuggling operation. In the first case, a vehicle (excavator-mounted hydraulic jackhammer) was intercepted at the Al-Omari border crossing, revealing 3.1 million narcotic pills hidden in secret compartments. The driver was arrested, and plans were enacted to apprehend two additional suspects involved in the smuggling operation.

Simultaneously, the second investigative team tracked another gang of five individuals, some linked to regional drug smuggling networks. They located and raided heavy machinery (roller) containing approximately five million narcotic pills hidden in secret compartments, arresting three suspects on the spot.

Further investigation led to the hiding place of two additional accomplices with a large stash of narcotics prepared for another smuggling operation. The accomplices were arrested, and the remaining drugs were found in a water well in Ramtha District, totaling 1.55 million narcotic pills and 143 kg of hashish.

The Public Security Department emphasized that investigations are ongoing to uncover all details, identify external connections, and take legal actions, including addressing countries where external involvement is proven.

The Department reiterated Jordan's commitment to defending its security, protecting its borders, and combating criminal gangs and regional drug smuggling networks. Jordan continues to cooperate with its military and security agencies, working in complementary roles to thwart threats and dismantle drug trafficking operations targeting the region.

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