AZESA to purchase 20 electric buses in 2025 for eco-friendly transit

electric buses
(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN — The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) has unveiled a comprehensive plan to procure 20 electric buses in early 2025, aimed at addressing transportation needs in Aqaba while meeting the aspirations of its residents for advanced and sustainable services, Al-Ghad reported. اضافة اعلان

The authority noted that the plan enhances the public transportation fleet in Aqaba. Additionally, these buses have the capacity to serve people with special needs in mobility as they are equipped with the necessary facilities for their transportation. Electric buses contribute to reducing car emissions, decreasing air pollution, and achieving significant energy savings, thus enhancing the quality of sustainable life in Aqaba as it gradually enters the ‘green economy’.

Jordan's interest in efforts to transition towards the ‘green economy’ and reducing carbon emissions in many industrial facilities has been increasing. This interest has extended to buses after several years of the Ministry of Environment's establishment of the necessary legislative and enabling environment to support this transition, in addition to establishing a specialized unit in the field of the green economy, and developing policies and executive plans, including the National Green Growth Plan (NGGP) for 2021 – 2025.

Deputy Chief Commissioner of ASEZA and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aqaba Transport and Logistics Services Company, Hamzeh Al-Hajj Hassan emphasized that the project to develop and modernize the transportation system in Aqaba is a top priority for the authority. It aligns with their advanced vision to empower and support all active and influential sectors in the renaissance and progress of Aqaba. The transportation system is particularly crucial as it serves as a fundamental pillar for comprehensive and sustainable development, aiming to position Aqaba among advanced and smart cities in terms of transportation.

Hassan noted that the project aims to support the introduction of electric buses for the first time in the coastal city of Aqaba to contribute to the expansion of electric mobility in the Kingdom, in addition to providing new buses with better quality, higher reliability, greater accessibility, efficiency, and safety. The project also seeks to provide a fare collection service through new ticketing systems to make services more attractive to passengers.

Additionally, Hassan announced the launch of an electronic payment project on all company-owned buses, totaling 24 buses operating across 11 routes in Aqaba. Under the slogan "Don't Pay Cash and Ride for Free" during Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr, he confirmed that the company has designated five locations for recharging and selling electronic payment cards. This aims to facilitate their use by Aqaba residents and visitors, enabling them to use pre-paid smart cards for travel on the company’s buses. Furthermore, he mentioned that the company currently owns 80 percent of the transport lines in Aqaba, with efforts underway to acquire the remaining private transport lines after reaching agreements with the owners.

Chief Executive Officer of Aqaba Transport and Logistics Services Company, Khaled Morsi Abu Abdullah highlighted that the modern transportation strategy in Aqaba relies on developing and updating smart transportation and payment services, along with mobile applications aligned with Aqaba's status as a tourist and investment destination. He explained that the company has contributed to the development and updating of public transportation in Aqaba through agreements with several companies and institutions operating in the city to transport their employees and workers. This effort has been praised by these entities for the level of service, punctuality, and accuracy of scheduled transportation, in addition to the nominal prices offered by the company, particularly for university students, schools, and citizens.