AIDTSEC 2023: Royal Patronage elevates AI defense & cybersecurity

HRH Crown Prince Hussein. (Photos: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
Under the esteemed royal patronage, the AIDTSEC 2023 Conference and Exhibition were officially inaugurated. Commenced on Monday at the King Hussein bin Talal Convention Center, located by the shores of the Dead Sea.اضافة اعلان

HRH Crown Prince Hussein, graciously extended his patronage to this event, highlighting its importance.

According to a statement, the AIDTSEC Conference and Exhibition showcase the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, offering potential solutions to everyday challenges in the realms of defense, big data analysis, protection, and cybersecurity.

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Major General Toufic Al-Marzouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SOFEX and Deputy Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Planning, Organization, and Defense Resources, expressed, "The inaugural edition of this conference was launched two years ago, establishing itself as the preeminent gathering for artificial intelligence in the region. What sets this edition apart is the introduction of the 'ARMYTHON' competition, featuring widespread participation from sister and friendly nations. This event serves as a platform for exploring cutting-edge technologies and training methodologies in the field of cybersecurity, which is pivotal in fortifying national security and ensuring its continuity."

Major General Al-Marzouk added that the organization of such conferences is a response to the global demand for collaborative efforts and the exchange of expertise, countering significant threats tied to information security's critical nature.

Engineer Bassam Al-Maharma, President of the National Cybersecurity Center, underscored the conference's adept merging of three distinct yet interconnected topics: artificial intelligence and its applications in both defense technology and cybersecurity. He noted that the current juncture marks the commencement of a genuine development and revolution in artificial intelligence's capabilities, a force that can influence various facets of life, including cybersecurity. The developments in artificial intelligence could have both positive and negative impacts, and these changes will equally affect individuals and institutions involved in protection, defense, attacks, and penetration. This is because access to artificial intelligence will become ubiquitous."

Al-Maharma emphasized that artificial intelligence models can also play a role in proactive threat prevention and the implementation of appropriate identity verification controls, all based on continuous user behavior monitoring. He explained that, at the National Cybersecurity Center, they employ multiple artificial intelligence tools in their operations. For instance, they utilize artificial intelligence for deep mining and the search for threats and indicators of penetration within the millions of traffic logs collected from ministries and institutions. This is a task that would be exceedingly challenging to complete relying solely on human resources.

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The conference aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences and strategies among innovators, experts, and leading startups in the field of artificial intelligence for defense and cybersecurity technology. Furthermore, it seeks to bring together leading artificial intelligence experts in defense technology and cybersecurity with decision-makers, enabling discussions on the most pivotal developments in artificial intelligence and the challenges it confronts.

On the periphery of the conference, the 'ARMYTHON 2023' competition, dedicated to cybersecurity for the armed forces and security agencies of participating countries, was launched. This groundbreaking competition stands as the first of its kind in the Middle East.

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