AI for environmental conservation, experts advise Jordan’s integration

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AMMAN — Environmental specialists and experts are pushing for the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) as a transformative tool to strengthen conservation efforts and promote sustainability across the Kingdom. As the Kingdom faces mounting challenges from population growth and its consequential surge in waste generation, the preservation of the environment has become a pressing concern for the country.اضافة اعلان

Jordan experiences evident signs of the global climate change crisis, with rainfall patterns deviating from historical averages. This affects plant growth, groundwater recharge, and soil enrichment, while evaporation poses threats to agriculture, public health, and water quality, given the country's reliance on groundwater as its primary drinking water source, Hala news reported.

Immense potential in transforming waste management, environmental monitoring, and marine protectionDr. Qasim Al-Radaideh, Dean of the College of Information Technology and Computer Science at Yarmouk University, highlights the immense potential of AI technologies in transforming waste management, environmental monitoring, and marine protection.

By employing AI-driven smart systems equipped with sensors in waste containers, efficient waste management can be achieved, optimizing recycling practices and minimizing the overall environmental impact.

AI technology proves invaluable in detecting and responding to fires
Moreover, AI-powered robots play a pivotal role in preserving the environment by effectively collecting waste and cleaning polluted areas, thereby mitigating pollution and elevating cleanliness levels. Furthermore, AI technology proves invaluable in detecting and responding to fires, thus reinforcing public safety and environmental protection efforts.

AI applications extend their benefits to the marine environment, where smart systems monitor pollution levels, contributing to the preservation of marine ecosystems and the safeguarding of endangered species.

The realm of water management also stands to benefit from AI, as the technology's data-driven approach allows for meticulous analysis of water consumption patterns, thereby enhancing water use efficiency and promptly detecting any leaks or losses.

Challenges in adoption
Amidst the promising potential of AI in environmental preservation, experts acknowledge challenges in its adoption. Addressing technical complexities, economic considerations, and adherence to relevant legislative frameworks are essential for successful and sustainable integration of AI in Jordan's environmental conservation efforts.

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