84% of disabled persons do not have job opportunities — minister

disabled female student
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AMMAN Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply and Labor Youssef Al-Shamali promised that his two ministries will double their efforts to implement laws and legislation that make it compulsory for ministries to provide job opportunities for persons with disabilities, Al-Ghad News reported.اضافة اعلان

Speaking Saturday at a conference on the “Integration of persons with disabilities in society and the labor market” organized by the Saaed Center for Economic and Social Empowerment at the Kalouti Development Center, attended by political and human rights figures and representatives of persons with disabilities, Shamali said that 84 percent of persons with disabilities do not have job opportunities.

Among the reasons, he said, is non-compliance with legislation that obliges government institutions to create job opportunities for them, in addition to the reluctance of some to engage in the labor market.

"It is our duty, as ministries, institutions, and individuals, to provide opportunities that encourage those who do not want to work to engage in the labor market, and provide opportunities, and a decent and friendly work environment that meets their needs and aspirations," Shamali said.

He noted that the Economic Modernization Vision is bound to affect a qualitative shift and motivate this segment of society by devising ways and means to accelerate their integration into the labor market, and lend support to their small and large projects.

“It is a long road to the real inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market and society, but it is not impossible,” he said.

Executive Director of the Saaed Center Masoun Shukair said that the world is currently going through a complex set of crises that have affected everyone, and more so marginalized groups, particularly people with disabilities who have been excluded from rescue programs.

She added that as soon as developed countries addressed this issue, the UN passed a law regarding their rights, and called on countries to join in issuing national legislation along these lines.

She said that Jordan had ratified the international convention and approved a national law on the rights of persons with disabilities, adding that while the law mentions integration, it does not provide details, unlike the Egyptian law, which explicitly says that these are civil, political, cultural, labor, and social rights.

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