80% of Jerusalemites below poverty line amid war on Gaza— JCSER

Jerusalem Al-aqsa aqsa
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OCCUPIED JERUSALEM —The Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights (JCSER) estimated that around 80 percent of Jerusalemites live below the poverty line due to economic hardships and layoffs by Israel, worsened during Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, Al-Ghad reported.اضافة اعلان

Since the Oslo Accords in 1993, internal tourism from the West Bank to Jerusalem has declined, exacerbated by the construction of the separation wall in 2002. Religious tourism also faced obstacles, and the COVID-19 pandemic and the current war further devastated tourism.

The director of JCSER, Ziad Al-Hammouri stated that Jerusalemite traders, especially those in the Old City and surrounding areas, have become impoverished due to challenges in selling goods, paying bills, and coping with various taxes imposed by Israel.

The policies implemented by Israeli authorities, aimed at impoverishing Jerusalem residents, contribute to their displacement or push the majority below the poverty line. These policies include the high cost of living, housing expenses, various taxes, home demolitions, and hindering their livelihoods.

Regarding efforts to assist impoverished families in Jerusalem, Hammouri mentioned that most aid focuses on Ramadan, neglecting urgent needs throughout the year. Israel’s restrictions on many institutions in this field and their closures have increased pressure on those remaining.

Moreover, Hammouri confirmed that regarding the impact of the war on Gaza on the classification of more families as poor, many Jerusalemites were arbitrarily dismissed from their jobs at the beginning of the war. This occurred either due to expressing solidarity with Gaza or posting statements deemed as “Incitement and supportive of terrorism” on social media.

Hammouri highlighted that many Jerusalemites paid a high price due to the emergency declared by Israel at the beginning of the war, adding that the punishment, affecting their families, was one of the most challenging aspects.

Al-Quds University initiates efforts to empower Jerusalemite women and boost economic stability

Al-Quds University is researching the causes of poverty and analyzing its high rates in the city, surpassing the West Bank and Gaza. The University’s President, Emad Abu Kishk highlighted the lack of a role for Jerusalemite women in the workforce, leading to economic struggles for families.

The university aims to improve the economic situation for Jerusalem families by opening opportunities for women and ensuring the presence and stability of Jerusalemites. It has developed initiatives, including a business incubator for Jerusalem residents to launch entrepreneurial projects.

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