65.3% of men, 16.4% of women in Jordan smoke

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AMMAN — In Jordan, 63.3 percent of men and 16.4 percent of women smoke, and the average number of smokers in a Jordanian household is 4.7, according to data from the Ministry of Health cited by Amman Net.اضافة اعلان

In the study, the Health Ministry warned that passive smoking has many negative effects on fetuses, such as a low birth weight, higher risk of premature birth, and higher infant mortality.

It also said that the toxins of secondhand smoke accumulate over time, on clothes, hair, carpets, and furniture, among others, which can affect he still-developing brains of children.

The study warned that pregnant women and young children should stay as far away as possible from smokers to protect themselves from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

A March 2020 study by the Library of Medicine explored the prevalence of smoking (cigarette and waterpipe) among university students in some Arab countries, which found that the highest rates of cigarette smoking were in Libya (80.2 percent), Jordan (80 percent), and Saudi Arabia (70.7 percent). The highest smoking rates among males were in Egypt (61.2 percent), Jordan (56.9–54.3 percent), and Palestine (52.7 percent), for females the highest rate was in Yemen (28.0 percent).

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