2024 budget includes JD2 million for study and design of new city

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – As part of the budget project for the coming year, the government allocated JD2 million for studies, research, and designs of a new city in Jordan, according to Al-Mamlaka Tv. اضافة اعلان

His Majesty King Abdullah II directed the government to form an advisory committee consisting of experts from various sectors to benefit from their ideas and opinions in planning the city. The aim is for it to serve as a model for other cities in terms of urban and architectural planning, and to provide sustainability elements for resources, energy, water, and the environment.

His Majesty emphasized the importance of progressing in the implementation of the new city project within clear and announced timelines. The project is intended to be a key driver of the economy, creating stimulating investment environments, and providing employment and job opportunities. He stressed the necessity of providing citizens with information related to the city with transparency and clarity.

The city will be built on state-owned land, surrounded by state-owned land, facilitating procedures and decision-making at various project stages, especially concerning planning and organization.

The government previously stated that it would not resort to any internal or external borrowing for the new city. The total investments in the new city will be in partnership with the local private sector, in addition to foreign investments, along with government contributions.

The first phase of the city covers approximately 25 square kilometers and serves as the nucleus for future expansion planned until 2050. The total area of the city is estimated to be 270 square kilometers.

The population of the first phase of the city is estimated at about 157,000 people, reaching a million people by the year 2050, with expected population growth and attraction to the city upon the completion of all project stages.

The government announced that the new city would provide 90,000 job opportunities during the construction stages and approximately 83,000 permanent jobs upon the completion of the first phase in 2033.

The new city is a large national strategic project contributing to providing a better quality of life by establishing a new urban growth pole. This aims to alleviate population pressure on major cities such as Amman and Zarqa, in addition to improving the quality of life and services in these cities.

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