Poor rainfall so far worries farmers who delay cultivation

Due to a lack of water for irrigation, farmers in Jordan resorted to delaying planting until the start of the rainy season. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The scarce rainfall so far this year worries Jordan Valley farmers who have, as a result, delayed cultivating their lands with winter crops.اضافة اعلان

According to farmers interviewed by Jordan News, the period for cultivating field crops is normally that between mid-September and mid-October. They, however, say that lack of water for irrigation poses a real challenge and has made them postpone planting for the season on time.

Head of the Jordan Farmers Association Ibrahim Al-Sharif told Jordan News that planting crops requires large amounts of water daily, especially since the weather is still warm.

He said that most farmers will delay planting until the start of the rainy season, “which will cause a delay in agricultural production”.

“In light of the declining level of water stored in dams, or their dryness, cultivating the land now is a risk, and may inflict great losses on farmers,” he added.

Suleiman Al-Dujan, a Jordan Valley farmer, said that, just like last year, rain is late to fall, and this “will have serious consequences for the agricultural sector”.

“We are waiting for winter to have a promising agricultural season,” he said, adding that this season, “farmers resorted to cultivating small areas of land to avoid losses”.

Director-General of the Jordan Farmers Union Mahmoud Al-Oran told Jordan News that climate change is feared by farmers “who are accustomed to the rainy season to start in October”, adding that the rain signals the “beginning of the agricultural season”.

Especially in the southern regions, he said, this made farmers “reluctant to plow their lands”.

“In the Jordan Valley area, farmers worry about the lack of water to irrigate crops and feed the dams. As for livestock, animal breeders rely on pastures and shrubs to reduce their feed bill,” he said.

According to Oran, this is the season when animals breed, and there must be “medicinal pastoral plants to provide milk for young animals, and for their medicinal properties”.

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