Orange Jordan inaugurates 5G Lab

5G Lab Image
(Photos: Orange)
AMMAN — Orange Jordan inaugurated a 5G Lab, the Kingdom’s first, at the Orange Digital Village in Abdali on Tuesday.اضافة اعلان

The 5G networks have speed and ultra-speed, new latency and new energy efficient performance features, which will give users and businesses higher download and upload speeds

Orange Jordan CEO Thierry Marigny told Jordan News about the significance of opening the 5G Lab in Jordan, saying: “It is a place where everybody, individuals and also start-ups, and companies can come where our experience can help them understand what we can do with this new latency, with these new features and this new speed.”

Marigny said 5G is bringing speed, lower latency, and power to the network.

When asked about the opening of labs in other governorates across the kingdom, Marigny said: “The lab will only be in Amman. We are doing many things for the governorates including academies, fab labs, and digital centers”.

“But for the moment, the 5G Lab itself will be in Amman, even if we will work with some of the digital centers and some of the experimentations,” Marigny added.

Orange Jordan is building on top of the second, third, and fourth generations, Marigny said. “So this one is a really important one, and I think it will stay here for a decade,” the CEO added.

With the launch of Orange Jordan 5G technologies, the company has acquired frequencies and licenses from the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. It plans to work with the ICT sector and bring forward a changing of the business model, develop infrastructure, and support education and youth sectors, according to the statement.

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