Gusto: Jordan’s hub for authentic Italian cuisine

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Italian cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its rich flavors, emphasis on fresh ingredients, and regional diversity. With a foundation built on staples like pasta, olive oil, and cheese, Italian cooking offers a delightful journey through various culinary traditions. From the creamy risotto of the north to the seafood delights of the coast and the sweet indulgences of desserts like tiramisu, Italy's culinary heritage reflects a unique blend of history, culture, and a passion for food. And Jordan, just happens to be one of the best hubs for Italian food, believe it or not. Who knew that the heart of the Levant, also celebrates “La Dolce Vita.”اضافة اعلان

The Italian restaurant "Gusto" located in Rotana Tower specializes in preparing authentic Italian dishes, following the traditional principles of Italian cuisine. This restaurant stands out for its use of fresh ingredients and authentic herbs in its dishes, relying on many local suppliers who cultivate these ingredients in environmentally suitable conditions. This approach reflects a part of Rotana Earth's philosophy of seeking out local suppliers to meet the restaurant's needs and, in turn, support the local community. Among these ingredients are Italian basil, rosemary, mushrooms, herbs, and cherry tomatoes.

These products adhere to European standards and are carefully chosen and customized for specific dish preparations. Italian cuisine is known for its meticulous attention to cooking methods and meat preparation, resulting in a unique and authentic flavor. They have homemade pasta, and their bread is prepared in the restaurant's ovens. The commitment to preserving authentic Italian taste is paramount in their diverse menu offerings.

The kitchen team is dedicated and professional, bringing the expertise and knowledge necessary to maintain authentic flavors in their dishes, relying on the "homemade" concept in their execution. Furthermore, the menu is regularly updated to keep up with modern developments while retaining some key dishes that continue to be popular.

In addition, "Gusto" offers a unique cooking experience by conducting plate presentation makeovers to enhance their appeal and pique the curiosity of customers. Director of Marketing and Communication Cindy El-Bader emphasized that there are unique dishes in the restaurant, such as "Spanish Ravioli stuffed with pumpkins," which is definitely worth trying. Seasonal ingredients are also considered, with salads in this season featuring components like apples, pomegranates, and season-related herbs, ensuring an authentic Italian experience in every bite.

"Gusto" also seeks to provide a comprehensive dining experience, including special programs for children and recreational activities. Offering something new and different for customers is part of their vision.

"Gusto" offers a unique and delicious Italian experience with its fresh ingredients and rich cultural heritage. It is dedicated to meeting customer needs and making them feel satisfied by serving delicious and diverse dishes.

Flexibility to customize certain dish components
Cindy explained that at Gusto restaurant, they have the flexibility to customize certain dish components, which means they can provide twists and adjustments to suit individual customer preferences, all without compromising the integrity of the original recipe. She also pointed out the remarkable popularity of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese diners at the Italian restaurant, especially when enjoying pasta, risotto, and delightful seafood dishes.

A street style buffet
Furthermore, Director of Marketing and Communications Cindy El-Bader stated that Gusto's establishment coincided with the opening of the Rotana Hotel, and it's now in its seventh year of success and prosperity. The restaurant takes pride in hosting innovative events within its premises. Since its inception, they introduced a unique concept for a Sunday dinner buffet, presented in a street-style format, featuring a diverse range of Italian salads and baked goods. Each week, a different selection of items is offered in the buffet to enable customers to experience a wide variety of Italian flavors.

In addition to savory dishes, they offer delicious Italian desserts during this buffet. Sandy emphasized that Gusto follows a family-style restaurant concept and has also prioritized entertaining children by creating special activities for them. For instance, they've introduced a wooden board with donuts that children can decorate, providing a delightful experience for families.

She also highlighted Gusto's commitment to wine, as it plays an essential role in Italian cuisine, enhancing the dining experience. They collaborate with experts and specialized companies to ensure customer satisfaction and alignment with their tastes. The staff continually seeks to enhance their expertise through various training programs and courses.

Imported calamari and octopus
Regarding imported products, she added that they import certain ingredients like calamari and octopus. Additionally, they procure a variety of seafood to ensure high quality. Their chef even creates unique spices and seasonings using the provided herbs. She emphasized that basil and various cheese types, particularly mozzarella, are standout features of Italian cuisine. The restaurant boasts a stone oven that remains lit throughout the day, evenly and precisely distributing heat to the ingredients. This oven is pivotal in their baking process, ensuring that baked goods arrive at the guests' tables hot and fresh, setting Gusto apart with its distinct taste.

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