Caffé Strada : A guilty pleasure

Caffe Strada : A guilty pleasure
(Photos: Instagram and Zeid Odeh/Jordan News)
Recently I found an ad on Instagram stating that if your name is “Zaid,” you are eligible to get a free coffee, and who says no to free coffee, am I right? Of course, with my well-established scrolling techniques, I wandered through the Instagram page offering my namesake free coffee, Caffé Strada. اضافة اعلان

Their page succeeded in building my cravings, so I decided I needed to check them out for breakfast. Luckily, five days later, I needed a quiet place to enjoy breakfast and catch up with some friends, and there we went.

Located in the Abdoun area, I confidently mentioned the marketing offer they were doing, knowing very well that the offer had expired. Yet, I was persistent with puppy eyes, asking for free coffee. While my attempt failed, the employees working there were beyond friendly with their customers, giving a true sense of a positive working environment.

This breakfast spot served a selection of omelets, pancakes, coffee, salads, and snacks. I had a chance to speak to the owner who mentioned that sweet snacks, such as brownies and cookies, were bought from small home businesses for support, which automatically highlighted the sustainable community impact the company was trying to pursue.

We ordered the spinach omelet, the corn omelet, Campania salad, the black forest pancakes, and plain pancakes with maple syrup.

Here is the thing about cooking eggs, especially omelets; it requires talent. Keeping the bright yellow color of the eggs without turning them brown is the ultimate goal. The browning of the eggs is not considered crispy — it is just overcooked.

The creamy corn omelet was beautifully cooked — a perfect, yellow-colored omelet, seasoned nicely and stuffed with a creamy corn mixture. Smearing labneh on top, or the beetroot dip, gave it an extra kick in flavor. This item was recommended to me by the employees working there since it is not available on this menu but will be launched soon, so if you do go to this place, try asking for it; maybe you will have better luck than I did in convincing them because it is definitely worth the try.
Caffé Strada’s sourcing of sweets and dessert products from local small businesses truly highlights the community aspect of the restaurant.
The spinach omelet was also nicely seasoned and cooked beautifully. The number of ingredients in the omelet truly brought out the value of this dish.

The typical restaurants in Amman usually serve you the omelet with toast, butter, and jam and call it a day. I enjoyed that their omelets are served with an herbed labneh and a beetroot dip, which is an interesting twist on a breakfast item.

The salad, which included Rocca, tomatoes, turkey, and smoked cheese, was a bit dense with the mayonnaise-based dressing. Even though the taste was good, it was a full meal on its own. My recommendation is to have a variety of dressings that the customer can pick and choose from.

The moment the server arrived with the pancakes, I understood the reaction he gave while I was ordering. The pancakes look like a reward you would give your child for doing such a great job. Even though I am not personally a big fan of sweet breakfast items, I cave for black forest flavored items.

The pancakes have a denser texture than the normal fluffy pancakes that we are usually served. They were a hybrid between a fluffy pancake and a buttery biscuit. The topping of the black forest pancakes was a cream cheese frosting with cherries on top, and the middle layer had strawberries with strawberry jam.

Even though I usually say that dessert goes straight to the heart, I could not finish the pancakes since I had to go to work afterward, and if I did push through, I would want to take a midday nap later.

I enjoyed this quiet outing for breakfast, and I recommend this place if you are looking for a quick bite to eat somewhere that is quiet and not overcrowded. The value for money was definitely met as the portions were filling. The overall experience was genuine and what I needed for a calm weekend breakfast spot.

Caffé Strada’s sourcing of sweets and dessert products from local small businesses truly highlights the community aspect of the restaurant. I would like to suggest not using plastic cups for coffee for their guests dining in. Having more consideration to reduce waste would fit with Strada’s goals and would alleviate guilts about plastic waste for guests dining in.

If you are in the area or want a different relaxed vibe for a weekend or a weekday breakfast, this is just the place for you.

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