Thekra Shehadeh reflects on FIBA Women's Asia Cup, shares next move

National women's basketball player Thekra Shehadeh (Photo: Jordan Basketball Federation)
AMMAN — Even after Jordan's devastating loss on Saturday night in FIBA Women's Asia Cup, Division B final against Lebanon, the fact that a full house was present at Prince Hamzeh Hall in Sports City to support the national women's team can never be forgotten.اضافة اعلان

Thekra Shehadeh, who is just 18, plays the center position for the Orthodox team and is the youngest yet tallest player on the team, standing at 198cm tall. With these two records combined, there is definitely something special to this new Jordanian talent in Basketball.

Shehadeh spoke to Jordan News about her experience and shared exclusive news on her next steps during the interview.

Stepping into Prince Hamzeh Arena for the first time with the Falcons jersey on is a memory that will always have a special place in Shehadeh's heart, "I remember when the first meeting was held to prepare for this tournament, being new to the team as well as the youngest, everyone took me in as their friend and little sister," she said.

"I still feel very upset about losing, I will definitely keep thinking about what I could have done to help, but the past can't be changed. You can only learn from it and grow as a person," she added.

Shehadeh added that the end of this competition had been one of the biggest challenges she has faced in her career thus far.

"We had everyone's support, belief, and admiration. I personally feel guilty about letting the fans down; if we won, it would've been because of their incredible support. Who knew that a full house would show up to support the women's team? It was extraordinary," she added.  

While discussing the championship outcomes, Shehadeh shared that being one of the top 10 teams in Asia is an accomplishment she is proud of, even after losing the finals.

She also added that the general public shouldn't bring down the players' spirit and forget the fact reaching the final is a challenging task.

"I expect more pressure in the future, especially because being the tallest player on the floor isn't enough; there is still a lot to learn for me personally. I know that being 18 and competing on a professional level is an accomplishment that will give me more responsibility as the new upcoming star in Jordan's Basketball scene."

Shehadeh added that finishing up her high school education was also a challenge she faced this year. However, similarly to most professional athletes in Jordan, an academic education is still needed, which is why the young star registered in the University of Jordan to study sports.

She added that studying sports was one of her goals in life.

When discussing who influenced her career the most, she shared that her mom was one of her biggest inspirations. "Moms have a different level of sacrifice, and they just selflessly serve day after day," she said.

"Athletes always remember to thank their families, but I also want to thank every worker that made sure we are always fit and prepared for the games, nutritionists, doctors, and definitely coaches. These were the people behind our great performances," she added.

Shehadeh also informed Jordan News exclusively about her recent decision to sign with the Fuheis team next season.

"They expressed their interest in me this season after they knew that my contract will end soon, and I am very excited to take this next new step," she concluded.

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