Abu Atta addresses canceled season rumors

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Ahmed Obeid (right) attempts to score for Orthodox, while Hisham Al-Zaitawi tries to block the shot during a previous match. (Photo: Amjad Al-Taweel/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The secretary-general of the Jordan Basketball Federation, Nabeel Abu Atta, on Monday denied that there were any proposals to postpone or cancel the CFI Premier League tournament if some clubs could not resolve their financial burdens. اضافة اعلان

In a statement to Jordan News, Abu Atta said: “On Monday we will meet with all the representatives of the super clubs to discuss the latest developments regarding contracts and to discuss solutions that can be adopted to address the most significant difficulties they face.” 

“I hope clubs do not remain dependent solely on league bonuses and support; these matters must remain marginal and not be considered as part of a club’s balance sheet, and they must think about funding sources that will enable them to compete for titles.” 

Abu Atta urged all players to avoid exaggerating about their financial contracts, noting, “players must understand that there is an ongoing tournament to be played regardless of all circumstances, and there is no justification for the significant rise in financial demands when negotiating with clubs.” 
He added that the Jordanian Olympic Committee deducted money from the federation’s budget because of fallout from the pandemic, but the federation did not deduct money the club budget. “On the contrary, we came up with a financial award this season for third and fourth places,” Abu Atta said. 

“Despite these difficulties, we still maintain super league club’s durability, but the players must understand the situations of the clubs, whereas the clubs must seek funding sources for the formation of their teams,” he concluded.

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