Reflecting on Al-Nashama’s performance against Egypt

(Photo: Jordan Football Association)
AMMAN — Even after the 3-1 loss of the national football team in the FIFA 2021 Arab Cup quarter-finals to Egypt on Saturday, Jordanians were still proud of Al-Nashama’s performance on the field.  اضافة اعلان

The Egyptian side was favored to win the match after they topped their group over Algeria and qualified on a relatively easier path by avoiding facing Morocco.

Yazan Al-Naimat scored Jordan’s first goal on minute 13 after Mahmoud al-Mardi, on the left wing, passed it to him on the edge of the right corner of the Egypt penalty area, and he then fired a powerful shot into the far-left corner of the goal.

Marwan Hamdi scored the equalizer at minute 47 with a long pass from Ahmed Sayed into the deep end of Jordan's penalty area, which Marwan Hamdi picked up with a header that put the ball into the net of keeper Yazid Abu Layla.

In the first half of extra time, and at minute 99, Ahmed Rifaat scored Egypt's second goal with a superb solo effort from Mohamed Sherif to break through Jordan's penalty area from the right front, ending it with a cross to the inside of the penalty area.

After the Jordanian team pushed forward to score the equalizer, they left a lot of space for the Egyptian strikers in the back. At minute 120, individual efforts from Ahmed Rifaat on the left-hand side ended with a neat cross into the box that Marwan Dawood received with a header into the net.

The Jordanian team's performance against Egypt did not come as a surprise, but the abandoning of their usual defensive routine did, especially to Egypt.  This allowed the Jordanian team to park the bus in their own half, so the response came in reverse, giving Jordan an advantage and many chances that should have ended the first half with a number of goals.

However, Egypt had a physical advantage, particularly because the team’s coach made changes at the right time.

The Jordanian team was able to fully control the game in the first half leaving the Egyptian team stunned with powerful shots from outside the box.

HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II attended the match and praised the national team's efforts during the game on his Instagram page, writing: "They did their best" and adding that it was an "Excellent game and honorable performance." The football federation's executive body president also attended the match to support the team.  

The national team returned to Jordan on Sunday.

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