November’s unsung gaming releases, from horror stories to shooters

Kingshunt, a new multiplayer online battle arena game, allows players to deploy minions and place structures. (Photo: IGDB)
Just when the overwhelming game release schedule of October finally came to a close, November decided to one-up it. With the most-hyped release being the new God of War game, it is easy to miss many other titles that have already come out this month. So, here is some of the new gaming fodder that made an appearance in early November, and a bit about why you should check out these games.اضافة اعلان

The Chant
Released on November 3, The Chant is a third-person adventure horror game where gamers play as Jess, who has come to Glory Island on a spiritual retreat to heal from past trauma. As the story progresses, the peaceful atmosphere of the island retreat is suddenly interrupted when the other characters around Jess begin a “spiritual chant”, opening a portal that malforms the island into a dark and gloomy cultist nightmare. This portal is what players come to know as “the Gloom” — picture it as a calamity, spreading its darkness around different areas of the island. It is now up to Jess to survive this deadly force by any means necessary.

During gameplay, users allocate stat points to assist in traversing this dark unknown. The three categories that are available for upgrade are aptly named mind, body, and spirit. Enhancing these three enable you to fight off many of the dark effects the Gloom will have on you, making your survival journey a bit more bearable.

Now, while you can definitely choose the more strategic approach of surviving by avoiding all sorts of conflict, you always have the option of fighting as well, and victories are achievable thanks to Jess’s ability to craft nifty spiritual weapons and traps to fight off the cultists (and the creatures) pouring out of the Gloom.

So, if you are into games that keep you on edge, engaging stories that progress smoothly, beautifully eerie world building, and the thought of expanding darkness, then maybe The Chant is just the game for you.

From Space
If you are a fan of Helldivers, or any top-down shooter, then From Space is definitely worth some attention. With a cartoonishly rendered world, solo or co-op play, and bullets flying everywhere, From Space offers blissfully destructive mayhem battled out alongside your buds. In the game, you can equip your character with different weapons, place traps strategically to outsmart your enemies, and deploy equipment that will mow down hordes of baddies.

Shoot your way through endless hordes of pink, brain-hungry aliens, enjoy a satisfying level-up system with unique perks, and give it your own personal touch with character customization. If this sounds right up your alley, then try out From Space, also released on November 3.

If you have been getting bored of all the new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games released these past years, do not lose heart — Kingshunt may just change your mind. The game strays from the typical MOBA format but stays true to the genre. It is a third-person game, a bit like Smite, featuring the usual teams of five battling each other while trying to destroy the final enemy structure to win the game. Characters have unique abilities, as usual, and the game features the item mechanic that most MOBA players know well by now.

But where things start to veer off the typical MOBA path is in tactical minion deployment and tower placement, which are both under players’ control. So, unlike the usual situations where towers appear simply according to map design, players are actually able to strategically locate structures to catch their opponents off-guard. This adds an entirely new strategic dynamic to the game, one never-before tried in the genre. So, for MOBA fans who have grown tired of hopping onto new releases, Kingshunt is well worth a try. With its dark and gritty atmosphere, stellar character designs, and new strategic approaches to experience, this might just break your typical MOBA mold.

Soulstone Survivors
If you enjoy top-down games but not so much shooters, then perhaps Soulstone Survivors is a more suitable choice for you. An action rogue-lite, the game presents players with massive hordes of enemies and titanic bosses.

As you progress through each level slaying your foes, you will be able to use their loot to craft new weapons, unlock playable characters, upgrade your skill tree, and equip new runes. With a total of 14 characters to choose from, hundreds of skills to customize your playstyle, and unique bosses along the way, Soulstone Survivors could be your next favorite game. And thankfully, it is already available, released on November 7.

While some of these picks may seem a little unorthodox, it is games like these that tend to be drowned out by more popular releases. So do yourself a favor and check them out — they offer hours of creative and exciting play for gamers of all ages.

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