Kia K5 Hybrid: Sharp looking ecofriendly sedan with a touch of luxury

(PhotoS: Kia Media)
The all-new Kia K5, which was been launched earlier in the Jordanian market, is considered the successor to the popular Kia Optima, and it is considered a quantum leap forward on all levels, including design, interior luxury, advanced technologies, performance, and fuel efficiency.اضافة اعلان

The Kia K5, as above, is an alternative to the Optima, which has been the model name for Kia family sedan in many markets around the world for more than 20 years. It seems that Kia has finally settled its naming policy and decided to unify the designations of its different models and classes by adopting the method of letters and numbers, with the letter K, an abbreviation of its name KIA, and the number that symbolizes the class or segment to which the car belongs.

The new Kia K5 successfully carries the legacy of Optima very well, especially with the last three generations of the successful midsized sedan car. Through the beautiful design signed by German legendary car designer Peter Schreyer, Kia was able to enforce its presence and get noticed by virtue of impressive looks. Other attractive elements such as performance, efficiency, and specifications contributed to being a strong competitor with a strong position in its class.

Today, the new generation comes with the signature of the Lebanese Canadian international designer Karim Habib. Coming from BMW and Infiniti, Habib seems to have managed to make the overall look of the K5 highly distinctive, especially in the front, with a large, eye-catching black grille. The front headlights are also large, with LED technology and daytime running lights. Both lights glide on the front sides in a nicely inverted Z-shape. Overall, the K5 stance is dramatic and strong.

The side silhouette is fluid; the roof line is accentuated with chrome metal, which flows from the front, through the roof, to the rear in a way that mimics the design of a fastback sports car.

On the backend, a modern design with the clever use of the connected red lights with LED lights gives the rear a special elegance.

From the inside, the K5 sports a wonderful design and a tasteful combination of leather, wood, and soft-touch plastic. The dashboard is available with an analog instrument cluster or a fully digitized LED screen. The driver can determine its shape and the information it displays. The main touchscreen lies in the center of the dashboard, available with either an 8-inch or 10-inch display. Another option includes the high-quality BOSE sound system, which is the latest version of this high-end audio system. The touchscreen allows for smartphone application mirroring via Apple Car Play or Android Auto, and a navigation system is also available with presaved colored maps.

The air conditioning system comes with electronic controls, and the driver-only option is available for more energy saving. Furthermore, there are heated and cooled seats via one easy-to-use button, as well as a wireless charging feature for smartphones. The driving mode is selected via a switch, where the driver can choose between Smart, ECO, SPORT or CUSTOM modes. Another impressive aspect of the vehicle is the cabin’s ambient lighting, which changes color depending on the driving style. Among the most prominent features of the cabin is the almost complete absence of noise, and it is clear that great effort has been put into sound insulation, which raises the level of comfort in the Kia K5 Hybrid cabin to levels unprecedented in Kia cars.

In terms of safety, the new Kia K5 Hybrid is available with front and curtain side airbags. Also standard is the anti-lock breaking system and electronic stability control system, which enhances vehicle balance control. The hill-start assist control is available to prevent slipping when driving uphill. Optional safety features include a blind-spot monitoring system, which works through the cameras installed on the side mirrors; the images from these cameras is shown on the dashboard screen in front of the driver.

The hybrid system in the new Kia K5 Hybrid is highly advanced, and it consists of a 2-liter 2.0 petrol engine, an electric motor, a lithium-ion battery, a control system, and a transmission motor, which transmits the movement to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic gearbox. When you start driving, the hybrid system’s initial operation is electric, in a way that ensures a graceful start and active acceleration. At the same time, it ensures tremendous savings in fuel consumption, as well as a responsive driving experience at higher speeds. The system’s total power is 195hp, which is a real improvement compared to the previous generation. From standstill to a speed of 60km/hour, the electric motor takes over, going to medium speeds. On highways, the hybrid system’s central control selects the most appropriate mode, whether gasoline engine or electric motor, or both together, the result of which is unprecedented efficiency and savings. The consumption rate can be as low as 5 liters per 100km, and if we know that the total capacity of fuel tank is 70 liters, the Kia K5 Hybrid is able to cover a distance of at least 1,300km with a single tank.

The KIA K5 is available at a starting price of JD29,000 including registration and licensing, with a five-year comprehensive warranty and a seven-year warranty on the hybrid system, which makes it a strong and attractive alternative for anyone looking for a sophisticated, well-designed hybrid sedan at a competitive price.

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