A week into classroom learning, teachers see renewed focus

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AMMAN — After a week of returning back to classroom education in public universities, students started to feel a big difference between classroom education and online learning, especially that they have been getting online learning for months. اضافة اعلان

However, others are afraid that in-class learning will not last, and that the government will decide to return to online learning if another COVID-19 surge hits Jordan. 

“Nothing beats classroom education,” said Ahmad Bakeer, who is a university student. 

Bakeer added that “when you go to university you see all of your friends, and this is something else. I really like my university and I have too many friends — I have been waiting for the moment I could go back to university and see them for months.” 

“We must never forget that university’s atmosphere is different, a student can understand any subject more when in university; his classmates and doctors will help him a lot, unlike with online learning.” 

Omar Saudi, another student told Jordan News that “professors are taking returning to university in a very serious way. We have been taking different subjects since the first two days of the semester.” 

Saudi added: “I can tell you, after returning to university and classroom education, that online learning was difficult. Classroom learning means that professors will try tirelessly to make sure you understand the subjects and you will get the chance to have some debates with your classmates, too.” 

“Some of my colleagues have missed many lessons in online learning, and they used to attend some classes while they were sitting in a cafe with their friends,” he said. “Unlike classroom education; where professors know how to control students and make sure they focus and pay attention.” 

Khaled Taqatqa, an educational expert, said that “classroom education is much better than distance learning.” 

“Students receive an education and knowledge more efficiently when in the classroom; they work hard and interact with their classmates and doctors. Classroom education gives students a feeling of commitment,” Taqatqa told Jordan News

“Despite all this, I would say again that we had no other choice. The pandemic brought us to a point where we needed online learning; it is no one’s fault,” he said. “Distance learning was better than no learning at all. It was used to fill the growing educational requirements created due to the pandemic.”
Ahmad Al-Khatib, who is a literature professor, told Jordan News that “from my own experience, I can tell you that throughout last week I felt that almost all of my students were excited to learn, and they were passionate to get back to university.” 

Khatib added: “I assume that they noticed the importance of learning, in the end you are creating your future and you must know that your certificate is like a weapon that helps you defend yourself and fight in life.” 

He added that as a professor he is always ready to help his students. “Professors and students must stand all together now to fill all the educational gaps that resulted from online learning and could affect student’s educational progression,” he said. 

It is worth mentioning that students at public universities began their new semester on October 10, and that students at private universities started a week later, on Sunday after months of online learning as a precautionary action to prevent a surges in COVID-19 cases.

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