Feminisms by Lucy Delap

Feminisms by Lucy Delap
Historian Lucy Delap looks to the global past to give us a usable history of the movement against gender injustice — one that can help clarify questions of feminist strategy, priority, and focus in the contemporary moment. Rooted in recent innovative histories, the book incorporates alternative starting points and new thinkers, challenging the presumed priority of European feminists and ranging across a global terrain of revolutions, religions, empires and anti-colonial struggles.اضافة اعلان

In Feminisms, we find familiar stories — of suffrage, of solidarity, of protest — yet there is no assumption that feminism looks the same in each place or time. Instead, Delap explores a central paradox: Feminists have demanded inclusion but have persistently practiced their own exclusions. 

Delap shows us how a rich relationship to the feminist past can help inform its future.

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