314 By Lujain : Minimalistic, edgy handmade bags

Lujain Tarawneh uses design as an outlet to unleash her creativity. (Photo: Handout from Lujain Tarawneh)
314 By Lujain is a minimalist leather bag line that uses bold geometric designs on leather to create a sleek collection of elegant handmade bags.
اضافة اعلان
314 By Lujain was founded by Lujain Tarawneh in 2019. She told Jordan News that 314 By Lujain is a “local brand that offers elegant handmade bags that are inspired by art in everyday life”.

“I have loved seeing designs and runways since childhood; also, I form my first impression when I meet someone from the way they choose and match their outfit,” Tarawneh said, adding that the way of dressing and choosing clothes “represents the person from the inside”.

 (Photo: Handout from Lujain Tarawneh)

Tarawneh said that she decided to launch a bag business because she enjoys creating new shapes, and “handbags inspired me to create unique shapes”.

Designing bags, she said, helps her unleash her creativity.

“I have a full vision of what the bag will look like before it is produced,” Tarawneh said.

“Three hundred fourteen is my favorite number,” Tarawneh said, adding that she wanted to create a brand that is associated with a number.

 (Photo: Handout from Lujain Tarawneh)

314 By Lujain seeks to add an elegant touch to all styles, said Tarawneh, adding that she wanted her designs to be structured with geometric patterns, so she decided to produce them as handmade products.

Tarawneh attended a workshop to learn how to make a handbag by hand, without using any machines. She produced three bags at the workshop; one of them was the brand’s starting point.

In order to create her line, she collaborates with a local bag maker. Her designs carry the shape of lightning on all her bags; it was inspired, she said, by the lightning bolt painted over the face of musician David Bowie.
“The journey to search for materials is long and takes a lot of time. ...It is hard to find high-quality materials that suit the required design”.
“I love the design to be edgy yet minimalistic, and not to be overwhelming on the eye,” Tarawneh said.

She added that all of the materials she uses are locally sourced.

“The journey to search for materials is long and takes a lot of time, as the materials available in the market fit the market needs” and are of lower quality, she said, adding that there is a lack of bag accessories in Jordan and “it is hard to find high-quality materials that suit the required design”.

(Photo: Handout from Lujain Tarawneh)

When she first started, Tarawneh’s top challenge was her lack of experience in terms of the production process, which requires the designer to be detailed and focused. Raising awareness about the 314 By Lujain brand in the local market was another difficulty she faced.

“Because I work full time and finding time to devote to my project is challenging, it took me much too long to focus on raising brand awareness,” Tarawneh said.

 (Photo: Handout from Lujain Tarawneh)

The fashion industry in Jordan is an ongoing development; “the resources have improved in comparison with when she started”, she said, adding that “nowadays, there are many initiatives and workshops that support startups to grow, and build their businesses through connections”.

The competition in her field, she said, serves her in a positive way and encourages her to improve herself.

Tarawneh sells her bags through an online store, and displays her products in concept shops in Amman.

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