Release the Satellite Images

The Baptist Hospital (Al Ahli Arab Hospital). (Photo: Twitter/X)
In the aftermath of Israel’s latest war crime of bombing the Baptist hospital in Gaza killing over 800 patients, Israeli messaging operatives, alongside mainstream media outlets are trying to deploy the four Ds of disinformation, dismiss the critic, distract from the main issue, distort the facts and dismay the audience.اضافة اعلان

Not too long ago Israel killed Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and first accused Palestinians of doing it, then finally holding an investigation, then gave in to international pressure and stated they did it. But as usual, nothing really came out of that other than the usual condemnations. 

If the international community wants to retain any moral high ground it must act now, demand the satellite images and make Israel pay for this atrocious war crime. 

This is no longer a Palestinian-Israeli conflict. President Sisi and the Palestinian Authority all have come out and warned of Israeli plans for displacing Palestinians at the expense of neighboring countries. 

His Majesty, who is usually a voice for peace and dialogue, has called the hospital attack a war crime. In his speech in Israel today, President Biden stated that ‘it seems the other side is responsible’, based on what he saw, meaning not Israel. (Recall that President Biden also stated he saw evidence of beheaded babies, which was later retracted by White House team and even the Israeli military).

Two contrasting statements. A simple solution if we push aside those four D’s. Release the satellite photos. Release evidence. Then the world can see. Until then we only have the Israeli messages to evacuate the hospital, and the initial statement from their ‘Digital Spokesperson’ that Israel targeted the hospital because it harbored Hamas.

Katrina Sammour was first published on Full Spectrum Jordan, a weekly newsletter on SubStack. 

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