Letter to the Editor: Al Shifa Hospital, more than a name

al shifa
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Al—Shifa Hospital is more than a name,
where horrific scenes are enshrined in our brains.
Shifa, a word that in English means healing
where horrendous scenes have left us reeling.  اضافة اعلان
Babies in incubators all in a row,
have no oxygen; they’ll have to go.

Those on dialysis, the machines shut down,
and the poisons in their bodies will make them drown.
The children who have burns or injuries are worse,
if they live in the world they just watched, they will curse.
For women in labor with no drugs to blunt,
The pain of delivery is a total affront.

The wounds that won’t heal, no water to clean,
just rags to wipe the blood in this horrible scene.
The Doctors are exhausted and the staff breaking down
Where has humanity gone in this destroyed town?
Surrounded by tanks, no help, no relief,
The misery in this hospital is beyond all belief.

They say that Hamas is under the floor
and that they have to kill everyone behind the door.
That there is evil within the hospital rooms,
I say that evil is fanning the fumes.
That the only evil is in the hearts.
of those who watch as Gaza falls apart

How much can a human endure what they see?
How long can those watching ignore their pleas?
Of those long oppressed who have endured for years
How long can the world watch, and ignore their tears?
Is it okay to oppress and displace a whole population?
Are masses walking down a road to an unknown destination?
Their homes were left behind with their families buried
carrying all that they could, dragging and hurried.
It’s happened before when the world said “No way!”
Displaced people now, just wanting their say.

We hang onto hope with each day’s sunrise
but continue to hear the bombs and the cries.
So, we worry and fret and await those with the power,
to do what we would have done, in the very first hour.
To stop all of this terror, make it all Stop! go away,
and cure the pain that is still on display.
And Al Shifa, our hero, still a beacon in the fray
we pray for its survival; will it live another day?

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