Israel’s actions in Jerusalem

Maher Abu Tair (Photo: Jordan News)
What Israel is doing in Jerusalem cannot go unchecked, as its actions have not left anyone unharmed. This became more apparent than ever two days ago when it assaulted Palestinian Christians.اضافة اعلان

At a religiously sensitive time, Israel has been attacking Palestinian Christians on their way to the Holy Sepulcher, beating, arresting installing obstacles, and shutting down roads. This is not the first time Israel has behaved this way against Palestinian Christians, who are also being driven out to the West by the occupation, which wishes to empty Jerusalem of Palestinians.

There is considerable hypocrisy in the Arab world, because the scale of its protests against attacks targeting Christians is limited. It is as if the matter does not concern the many who believe they are making time for the defense of Al-Aqsa, when they are not even doing that. They are therefore disappointing Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem, leaving them to fend for themselves.

The same goes for Western countries, who watch the occupation’s assaults in Jerusalem without taking any political action to thwart it. They fail to even sympathize with Christians, as they only care about Israel. This means that the battle has become that of Jerusalemites only. Neither Arab Palestinian Muslims nor Arab Palestinian Christians can expect anything more than moral support.

Israelis are gearing up for May 10 — the 28th day of Ramadan — to storm Al-Aqsa and are calling on thousands of fanatics to do so, which means that the Monday before Eid Al-Fitr will be a difficult, maybe bloody day in Jerusalem.

Fanatics have chosen the 28th because it is their designated day for Jerusalem and its unification, which is why the spokesperson for temple organizations has called upon its supporters to retain their morale, informing them that Al-Aqsa will be open to attacks between 7am and 11am. “Spread calls at temples and religious schools. Tell your families and colleagues at work, spread the invitation to storm (Al-Aqsa) by the thousands. So that we may retrieve the Temple Mount from the Arabs and reaffirm once again that the Temple Mount is in our hands. The Arabs think they were victorious at Bab Al-Amoud (Damascus Gate) but the truth is they were not. Netanyahu backed down before them, but I believe that if we were to gather by the thousands at the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day, they will not be victorious again,” the spokesperson said.

These words foreshadow that the 28th of Ramadan will be a day like never before, especially since Jerusalemites are rallying to counter and urging all able-bodied Palestinians to be at Al-Aqsa on the evening of the 27th (May 9) so that the extremists do not arrive to an empty mosque. The fact that Monday is a work day may affect the number of Jerusalemites at Al-Haram but Palestinians are rallying quickly to face these groups, who believe that assaulting the Holy City’s identity and Al-Aqsa will be a mundane task.

Israel wishes to erase Jerusalem’s Muslim and Christian identities and is moving forward with dangerous plans through all these measures, targeting all Muslims and Christians as part of a religious struggle, especially since the entirety of the Israeli project is founded on religious grounds that rejects any identities other than its own. It can be said that many countries in the Arab and Muslim world, and Western countries will not take action to impede Israel’s plans, but will rather suffice with watching what happens.

Jerusalemites have proven their abilities, despite the lack of any meaningful support, to stand in the face of Israel. Even though it may not recognize the fact, Israel is not dealing with those who are simply the city’s residents. The occupation does not have the ability to impose its authority over Jerusalem, and what May 10 will reveal, is that the problem is that of the occupation above all.

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