From Germany to Amman

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Book store in downtown Amman
Bookshop in downtown Amman. (Photo: Unsplash)
I have embarked upon my journey to both study and work abroad for a year as part of my education, and this is my message to share.

I study water and environmental engineering at the German Jordanian University. My study demands that I finish one year in Germany to benefit from the education and the first hand experiences. I came to Germany last October and since then I speak three different languages on a daily basis — by necessity more than pleasure. I speak German with instructors and colleagues at the university, English with friends and roommates, and my mother tongue with family and other Arab friends. In my wallet, I carry two currencies, and around the globe, I have two addresses, yet I can only call one of these addresses home, my beloved Jordan.اضافة اعلان

Living abroad helps a person grow into a stronger, more resilient version of themselves. Two worlds collide together to form a beautiful mixture, a temporary matter, until I return home.

Being away from my country has made me more Jordanian than ever. Jordan has become more than just the place I come from. It is clear to me now that my country has become a vital part of my identity here. It is one of the first things I mention when I introduce myself.

Despite the numerous advantages of studying and working abroad, the experience has made me appreciate every aspect of my country, such as being able to speak and express myself easily and be understood in the exact context of what one means, which is a genuine feeling that one misses while living abroad.

Having the opportunity to be an ambassador of my country in my own way gives me a sense of pride. I reflect on my culture, my traditions, talk about the many touristic treasures we have by answering questions and explaining things about my country to those who are interested. I constantly received compliments and praise about Jordanian people, our weather, and the love we have for Jordan and for each other.

In less than one year of living abroad, the experience has already expanded my knowledge. I have discovered new things that have made me appreciate diverse thought. My colleagues and I will return home with different yet more empowered personalities. We have developed new habits with more determination to use both our work experience and education to the benefit of the common good in Jordan.

One should aspire to bring about positive changes, new ideologies, new technologies, and try to implement positive changes in our country no matter how big or small the effect might be. After all, this is our home, and no matter where I live in this world, Jordan will always be the only country I identify with.

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