The Dead Sea

Young Talk

Tala Basheer Omar
Tala Basheer Omar (Photo: JNews)
Swimming is fun. Almost everyone can enjoy it. However, not all places you go to are the same. Think about it. Suppose you went to many beaches, or seas, are they different than one another? Yes, but the only thing in common is salty water. Pools and resorts, on the other hand, are well-prepared.اضافة اعلان

I went to the public beach in one of the Dead Sea’s areas, on a summer day to have lots of fun. But it lacked many needs.

Let’s talk about the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea got its name because there are no underwater creatures there, and if there were, they wouldn’t survive. It lacks the things needed for underwater creatures to live in. This is because of its very salty water. It is also the saltiest sea body on Earth. The Dead Sea is a unique sea for its own kind. The Dead Sea is a low deep sea. It is the lowest depth sea in the entire world! It has its own special features that can improve health, like the mud. When you go to the Dead Sea, you will see that it is not quite arranged or prepared for a visit. As we all know, it is a public place, and it is free. Anyone can come and enjoy the weather!

A day on the shore of the Dead Sea is fascinating! You are playing peacefully with sand and water. After a while you might get bored wanting to play or do something fun, but all you have is sand and water. What about a resort. A resort is fresh and really arranged and looks as if it has been ready for a visit. I personally went to the Tourist Resort with my family to enjoy a beautiful summer day.

Swimming in a fresh clean pool with no trash in it whatsoever, and even if there is, the employees there will clean it. But when you are at the Dead Sea, it can be hard to do. If you want it to be clean, then you will have to do it yourself. I noticed that the service there was excellent, however, there is no service at the Public Beach. In a resort, you do not need to bring a lot of food. Because it will be sold there.

At the public beach you will have to pack up. At the resort there are so many fun games there. Possibly slides or diving boards. Now that is what makes everything fun! At the public beach there is nothing. Nothing at all. Just sand, water, and mud. In the resort they take good care of their land. But no fish for sure!

At the end, my personal opinion is that the Dead Sea may be fun if it had been taken better care of. Then it could be a place for all children particularly. It lacks a lot of needs for children.