Our Future Dreams

Young Talk

Tala Basheer Omar
Tala Basheer Omar (Photo: JNews)
We can admit that we all want COVID-19 to end. We all missed the feeling that we used to have; this happy feeling followed by freedom. But we may have dreams of what we also want the future to be, that was not there before COVID-19 came along.اضافة اعلان

We want to be free, along with other things such as nature. In the past, everything used to be green. There was plenty of grass surrounding mountains, hills, and some other landforms. Gardens had such lovely flowers with amazing scents. We want to see parks and gardens all green, just green. Nowadays, there are no such things in places anymore. We can plant, but planting alone will take time. But we can plant in groups to make it much faster. Seeing nature is a wonderful thing. Seeing our planet fresh brings joy inside.

But with nature, there seems to be trash. Trash is being thrown in every direction you can imagine! Let’s take the ocean as an example. When you swim in the ocean, you suppose it’s clean, until you hop in it. If trash wasn’t thrown in the ocean, then we could swim and enjoy the ocean more than we enjoy it now.

Sometimes you may find packets of chips at the bottom of the beach. You may find that disturbing. But that’s not the end of it. Not only does it disturb you, but it also happens to be harming underwater creatures, like fish. If any of these creatures swallow trash, then they have a high chance of dying. And not only does trash get thrown in the ocean, but many other places do.

Now we will get to a very important topic; poverty. Many children are facing poverty. Poverty means very poor. Poverty damages all children’s lives. A child’s life requires many sacrifices, especially when it comes to poverty.

Children all over the world don’t get to have the same stuff as we do like toys and food. On top of all that, if it gets worse, they might have to work. Children are supposed to have a healthy and strong childhood. Which, unfortunately, not all children get to have.

We have many doubts that the world might change. But if we want it to change we will have to work even harder, for us, as children. Children want the world to change. They want it to be full of happiness and no stress whatsoever. But that might be hard to get. There are more and more reasons why it affects our lives, not just children’s, but also adult’s. Without change, everyone might get sick. So, we need this to change for a better life.