Manaseer Group will invest in chemical fertilizer and copper project in Dana

(Photo: Manaseer Group)
ANNAN — The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Manaseer Group, Ziad Al-Manaseer, said on Thursday that the group is not considering investing in a fourth telecom company in Jordan, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

He explained through the "Voice of the Kingdom" program that the volume of Ziad Al-Manasir's investments in Jordan is more than the size of his investments in any other country.

Al-Manaseer is thinking of expanding by investing and said that he has two projects that he will undertake within four years. The two projects are an industrial complex for chemical fertilizers and a copper project in Dana.

"The value of each project is 800 million dollars, which will start after June 2023," according to Al-Manaseer, who spoke about the signing with the government regarding the copper in Dana.

As for the other project, "waiting for a simple solution within the next week, and after a year, work will begin on the ground."

Al-Manaseer recalled the beginning of his investment in Jordan in 2000 and said that today things are going in a better way, and I see a change in reality.

The Manaseer Group has more than 24 companies and more than 10,000 employees, most of whom are Jordanians, but in the recent period, there have been many foreigners to "educate Jordanians employees" according to Manaseer.

An investment of more than $3 billion
Regarding the volume of investments, Al-Manaseer said that from 2000 until today, more than two billion dollars had been put in. In addition, the group has borrowed 1.78 million dollars from banks since 2015, bringing the amount to more than three billion dollars "placed in factories." Still, the group's assets today are much more.

Manaseer made a decision in 2015, to change the strategy of the group, which was working only for the local market, to decide at the end of 2015 to manufacture for export.

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