Tigris Candles emphasizes the importance of health and environment

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Tigris Candles specializes in soy candles due to their environmental benefits and their decrease in allergens. (Photos: Tigris Candles, Instagram)
AMMAN — Despite the expansion of the field of manufacturing and selling candles, a gap still exists in the industry. Most candles use a type of wax that contains harmful substances when burned and breathed in by people in large quantities. Tigris Candles aims to find a solution to this dilemma. اضافة اعلان

Tigris Candles is an online store founded by the pharmacist Rawan Al-Hamedi, whose experience and education helped her understand the composition of regular candles sold in the market.

In a phone interview with Jordan News, Hamedi said: “I am a person who loves fragrances and scented candles, but I have always been allergic to them without knowing the reason behind it.”

After searching for the reason behind her allergy, Hamedi was able to pinpoint it to a substance called Phthalate. “I looked into it and later learned that some of the substances in regular candles vaporize and cause me eczema, even though it didn’t touch my skin directly,” she said.

When she pinpointed the cause, Hamedi began making candles free of this Phthalate, and instead, she replaced it with soy oil. Then she learned that soy wax is more beneficial and less harmful to the environment, so she incorporated soy wax into those candles. 

“Soy wax can be obtained from renewable sources and does not cause harmful fumes when burned, unlike Phthalate,” she shared.

When she first started, Hamedi used to make the candles for personal use, and then she said: “I started making them for my friends and giving them as gifts. Later, these people started asking more about these candles, and their quality became better with experimentation.”

When it came to sales, Hamedi shared that she used her chemistry and pharmaceutical manufacturing knowledge to perfect her candles. “I … kept improving it until I was able to set up my own company, which came after I sold my product in bazaars. Now I am only working through my online store,” she said.

Tigris Candles specializes in soy candles due to their environmental benefits and their decrease in allergens. (Photos: Tigris Candles, Instagram)

Regarding the people’s demand for this type of candle, Hamedi shared: “The majority of my customers buy candles because of their shape and smell, but there are others who are aware of the difference between my candles and regular candles. Some of them have suffered from allergies or eczema before, and some of them care about nature and prefer to use soybean oil in candles instead of Phthalate.” 

Hamedi also shared that some stores now buy and sell her candles in their stores, including Hotspot in Swefieh Village. Beyond the candles, Hamedi also shared that Tigris Candles sells some raw materials of soy wax for use in different stores and for various uses. 

Hamedi concluded by saying: “I am very happy with the awareness towards nature that is increasing among people day by day. I feel very happy when I see my customers understand what I am trying to change, and I hope that this awareness reaches all industries to become environmentally friendly.”

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