Tanker collision leaves oil spill off China port

In a photo provided by Maxar Technologies, a satellite photo of Whitsun Reef on March 23, 2021. (Photo: NYTimes)
BEIJING, China — A collision between a crude oil tanker and another ship in the Yellow Sea on Tuesday has left an oil spill in waters off China’s biggest crude-receiving terminal, vessel managers said.اضافة اعلان

Bulk carrier “Sea Justice” struck the tanker “A Symphony” near Qingdao in northeast China around 9am, causing the tanker to lose “a quantity of oil”, managers at Goodwood Ship Management said in a statement.

“The force of the impact... caused a breach in cargo tanks and ballast tanks,” said the managers, adding that “All crew members have since been accounted for, and there are no injuries.”

Vessels have since been told not to go within 18.5km of the area, according to a separate notice by China’s Maritime Safety Administration.

The incident took place off China’s biggest crude-receiving terminal at Qingdao.

Goodwood Ship Management said emergency procedures have been activated to limit the loss of oil and experts were deployed to contain the spill and begin a clean-up operation.

But poor visibility in the area was hampering these efforts, it added.

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