Why does Washington insist on supporting the war in Gaza?

Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016
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The Middle East has entered a stage of "strategic uncertainty," with Washington persisting in supporting the Israeli occupation in its operations under the pretext of "eliminating Hamas" in Gaza.اضافة اعلان

Experts estimate that the developments in the region cannot be predicted, and their trajectories cannot be defined, especially with the possibility of the war expanding at any time if the conflict in Gaza continues.

According to experts, Washington aims to achieve strategic objectives related to its presence in the region, following a previous withdrawal. It seeks to reassert its dominance by supporting the Israeli occupation.

Nuclear Threats:Israeli Minister of Heritage, Amechay Elyaou, from the extreme "Jewish Home" party, stated that one of Israel's options in the war in Gaza is to drop a nuclear bomb on the region.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reports that Israel has had a non-transparent nuclear policy for an extended period, as it neither acknowledges being a nuclear state nor denies it officially.

According to estimates by the American Association of Atomic Scientists in 2023, the Israeli occupation is classified as one of the nine nuclear-armed states and possesses around 90 nuclear bombs.

Complex Scenarios:
The Moroccan strategic expert, El-Sharkawy Al-Roudani, mentioned that things are moving towards complexity, and all indications show that the entire region has entered a stage of strategic uncertainty.

He further added in his discussion with "Sputnik" that the official American and Western stance indicates a new strategy under execution through the "New Middle East Policy." This strategy will introduce changes in the balance of power that differ from what existed previously.

He pointed out that the rules of engagement in this war differ in their determinants among the involved parties, and the regional balances will be subject to fluctuations.

War Scenarios:Several scenarios have emerged due to ongoing developments. Al-Roudani indicates that the entry of the "Quds Force" is a certain matter, along with the movement of the "Badr Organization" in Iraq and other factions. They are targeting Western and American assets in the region, particularly the "Ain Al-Asad" and "Harir" bases, by what Iran refers to as the axis of "Islamic Resistance."

Al-Roudani concludes that the current situation may alter the security landscape in the region, especially in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.

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