US pressures Netanyahu for 4-month ceasefire in Gaza

US President Joe Biden. (File photo: Jordan News)
TEL AVIV — According to Israeli Channel 13, the Biden administration is pressuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to a four-month humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The administration is using its mediation efforts to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, emphasizing its importance to Netanyahu.اضافة اعلان

The proposed deal, discussed in a US-Israeli-Qatari-Egyptian meeting in Paris, is seen in two stages. The first stage, which Israel views favorably, involves the release of 35 Israeli captives, including the elderly, women, and the sick, along with five female occupation soldiers. In exchange, Israel would agree to a six-week ceasefire, withdraw from urban areas in Gaza, and release a number of Palestinian prisoners from occupation prisons.

Political Analyst for channel 13, Rafi Drucker believes Netanyahu can politically market this first stage, as it aligns with the operational needs of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) and leads to the release of captives. However, the second stage is seen as problematic on both political and military levels. It involves the release of occupation soldiers in exchange for a long-term ceasefire and the release of Palestinian prisoners with high sentences. Drucker highlights the main contentious point: whether mediators will provide Hamas with guarantees regarding the cessation of war.

Even if there's a clear agreement to end the war, Drucker estimates this process alone will take up to three months, extending the cessation of military operations to four and a half months. This timeline could make it difficult for the IOF to resume military operations later.

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