UAE denies supplying arms to Sudan’s factions, stresses neutrality

united arab emirates UAE flag
(Photo: Freepik)
RIYADH — On Sunday, the United Arab Emirates denied allegations made by a media outlet regarding arms and ammunition supply to Sudan's warring factions. A statement clarified that the UAE hasn't provided weapons to any parties involved since the conflict started in April 2023. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Director of Strategic Communications, Afra Al-Hameli, stressed that the UAE remains neutral in the conflict, advocating for de-escalation, ceasefires, and diplomatic dialogues through meetings with partners.اضافة اعلان

Hameli emphasized the UAE's consistent backing for Sudan's political process and its endeavor to facilitate national consensus for a governing body, Arab News reported.

Operating air and sea connections, the UAE has furnished about 2,000 tonnes of medical aid, food, and relief materials, prioritizing vulnerable groups such as the sick, children, elderly, and women. Furthermore, the UAE established a field hospital in Amdjarass, Chad, providing medical care to thousands regardless of background.

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