Turkish Friendship Hospital inoperative due to fuel shortages

Gaza continues to face fuel shortages

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA – The director of Gaza's hospitals, Mohammed Zaqout, announced on Wednesday that the fuel supply at the Turkish Friendship Hospital, the only facility in the besieged territory providing cancer treatment, has been depleted. This fuel shortage has resulted in power and water cuts within the hospital, effectively rendering it "out of service."- Al Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

Zaqout explained in a press conference that the hospital's closure means cancer patients have no alternative medical facility to turn to. Cancer treatment necessitates specific resources and equipment, including a specialized device for chemotherapy preparation. He emphasized that this situation "means that this group of patients, numbering over 10,000 in Gaza, will face rapid death."

Zaqout added, "There are 10,400 cancer patients in Gaza, 53 of whom are currently forced to stay at the Turkish hospital due to their urgent need during these extremely difficult circumstances."

Zaqout squarely placed the blame on the Israeli occupation government for cutting off the hospital's fuel supply, thus disabling its operation and preventing other hospitals from receiving the necessary fuel for their own functioning. 

16 hospitals have been rendered inoperative due to Israeli attacks and the ongoing fuel shortages in Gaza, with the Turkish Friendship Hospital being the latest, media sources reported.
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