Rockets target US Syria base in latest strike

(Photo: AFP)

BEIRUT — Two rockets targeted a US patrol base in northeastern Syria late Friday, the third such attack in nine days, the US military said.اضافة اعلان

The US military did not indicate who fired the rockets but said, in a statement, that they aimed at “coalition forces at the US patrol base in Al-Shaddadi, Syria”.

The strike at about 10:30pm caused no injuries or damage to the base or coalition property, the statement said.

The US troops support Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are the Kurds’ de facto army in the area and led the battle that dislodged Daesh from the last vestiges of their Syrian territory in 2019.

Hundreds of American troops are still in Syria as part of the fight against Daesh remnants.

“(The) SDF visited the rocket origin site and found a third unfired rocket,” US forces added.

On November 17 rockets targeted the coalition’s Green Village base which is in Syria’s largest oil field, Al-Omar, near the Iraqi border, the US said at the time. There were no injuries.

A war monitor, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which has a wide network of sources in Syria, claimed that the strike came from “a base of pro-Iranian militias”.

Such groups have significant influence in the Syria-Iraq border region.

In another attack, a Turkish drone strike on Tuesday killed two SDF fighters and posed “a risk to US troops”, the US military told AFP earlier.

That strike hit a base north of Hassakeh city, also in Syria’s northeast but farther north.

On November 20 Turkey announced it had carried out a series of air and drone strikes in Iraq and Syria, a week after a bomb attack in Istanbul that killed six people and wounded 81.

Turkey says it is targeting rear bases of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, designated as a terrorist group by the EU and the US, and the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units, which dominate the SDF.

Both Kurdish groups denied responsibility for the Istanbul attack.

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