Progress in ceasefire talks, no temporary truce— Hamas official

Hamas prisoner exchange
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GAZA — A source within the Hamas movement revealed that negotiations for a ceasefire and a prisoner exchange deal are progressing, as per Al-Ghad. The source affirmed Hamas's determination to end Israel’s aggression and prevent the resumption of hostilities under any circumstance. It was emphasized that there would be no temporary truce.اضافة اعلان

"There is relative progress, but it is difficult to say that things are concluded, as we have received the new document, which is currently in the stage of internal discussion.”

Sources familiar with the progress of the negotiations stated, “The discussions revolve around certain formulations and details concerning the stages of the proposed agreement presented to Hamas. These matters were deliberated during the Paris meeting, attended by CIA Director William Burns, Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Director of Mossad David Barnea, and Director of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate Abbas Kamel.”

The proposal presented at the Paris meeting includes three stages for the release of captives. The first stage involves releasing three women of reserve age, seniors over sixty, and those who are critically injured. The second stage includes the release of military personnel and soldiers. The third stage involves handing over the bodies of captives. According to the sources, Hamas has identified three main principles: ceasefire without a truce, unrestricted reconstruction, and the complete withdrawal of Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) from Gaza.

Furthermore, Hamas expressed a preference for modifying the proposed stages of the agreement. It insisted that the release of captured military personnel and soldiers from within military units should only occur in the final stage. This stage includes an agreement to activate a comprehensive ceasefire, followed by the withdrawal of IOF from Gaza, and then initiating negotiations on a long-term truce.

Senior Political Leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh stated that the movement's leadership had received an invitation to visit Cairo. The purpose of the visit is to discuss the framework agreement issued from the Paris meeting and its implementation requirements in line with a comprehensive vision aimed at achieving the people of Gaza’s national interests in the foreseeable future.

He clarified, “Hamas is open to discussing any serious and practical initiatives or ideas as long as they lead to a comprehensive cessation of aggression and secure the process of sheltering for our people who were forced to displace due to the occupation's measures and the destruction of their homes. Additionally, the discussions should focus on reconstruction, lifting the siege, and achieving a serious prisoner exchange.”

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