Palestinian Affairs Department Partakes in UNRWA Advisory Committee Meeting

Palestinian Affairs Department Partakes in UNRWA Advisory Committee Meeting
Global - Director-General of the Department of Palestinian Affairs, Rafiq Khirfan, participated in the meetings of the Advisory Committee of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) held in Geneva.اضافة اعلان

According to a statement issued on Monday, Khirfan affirmed Jordan’s unwavering support for the Palestinian people's right to establish an independent, sovereign state based on the June 4, 1967, borders, with occupied Jerusalem as its capital, in line with the two-state solution.

In his address on behalf of the Arab countries hosting Palestinian refugees, Khirfan referenced His Majesty King Abdullah II’s speech at the 33rd Arab Summit, highlighting Jordan’s commitment to the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, its support for Gaza during its current crisis, and the call for the international community to assume responsibility in halting the war on Gaza.

Khirfan emphasized Jordan's dedication to protecting Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem under the Hashemite custodianship, reiterating the Palestinian issue as the foremost Arab concern and the key to regional peace. This stance was reaffirmed at the recent Bahrain summit, which underscored the centrality of the Palestinian cause.

He noted that Jordan has provided UNRWA with three million Jordanian dinars since the onset of the conflict in Gaza to aid in the agency's continued support for the people of Gaza and to alleviate its financial crisis.

Highlighting Jordan’s efforts, Khirfan detailed the Kingdom's provision of medical and relief aid, including airdrops of medical supplies, under the direct supervision of King Abdullah. He also highlighted Jordan's joint organization, alongside Egypt and the United Nations, of the Emergency Humanitarian Response Conference for Gaza, which successfully galvanized international efforts to provide relief to Gaza.

Khirfan reaffirmed Jordan’s ongoing support for UNRWA, a consistent theme in King Abdullah's international addresses, underscoring the agency's vital role in the region and globally, particularly in Gaza. He noted that His Majesty’s awarding of the Order of Independence to the Agency’s Commissioner-General symbolizes Jordan’s appreciation for UNRWA’s work.

He addressed the recurring financial crises faced by UNRWA, which have been intensified by certain countries suspending their funding due to Israeli allegations against some of its employees related to the events of October 7.

Khirfan called on the international community to support UNRWA both financially and politically, emphasizing that the agency serves as a stabilizing factor in the region and the world. He pointed out that UNRWA's developed approach towards neutrality surpasses that of other United Nations organizations or similar relief agencies.

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