Israeli police arrest and brand Palestinian with ‘Star of David’

Israeli police arrest and brand Palestinian with ‘Star of David’
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WEST JERUSALEM — An Israeli judge ordered the release to house arrest of a Palestinian man who received bruises similar in shape to a Star of David on his face last week, Israeli media reported.اضافة اعلان

The judge ordered the measure on Sunday following an outcry over the handling of 22-year-old Arwah Sheikh Ali from the Shuafat area in occupied East Jerusalem.

Sheikh Ali, who was arrested allegedly on drugs related charges, said he has been physically abused after officers brutally beat him and branded the Star of David on his cheek.

The man’s lawyer presented the charges to a Jerusalem district court on Thursday, a day after he was taken from his residence in the Shuafat refugee camp.

At least 16 officers were involved in the arrest, however, none had their body cameras on, according to the Ynet news website.

The uproar followed a picture that emerged of bruises that looked like of the bottom part of a Star of David on the left cheek of Sheikh Ali. His lawyer, who said his client denies all charges, said that police tortured the 22-year-old and branded his face with a Star of David.

Police said the bruises came from arresting officers’ items of clothing, and suggested it happened when an officer pressed the laced-up part of their boot against the suspect’s face while they subdued him.

“It has emerged that the arrest featured severe violence,” the judge said. She also criticized the detainment of Sheikh Ali in a police station over the weekend instead of a holding facility. She noted that Sheikh Ali had not been allowed to be examined by a physician. 

A photo released by police on August 19 shows cut marks on a Palestinian detainee's face that police alleges was caused by an officers boot. A lawyer for the suspect said police branded him with a Star of David.

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