Israeli journalist discusses sinister plans for Gaza after the war

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TEL AVIV – Israeli journalist Ben Caspit says that Israel, "after its war on the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)," has three main options for managing Gaza, all of which face significant obstacles.اضافة اعلان

As reported by Jo.24, Ben Caspit said Israel was facing a dilemma between three main options for Gaza, citing an anonymous security source.

These include suggestions to house Gazans on an artificial island, in an Alcatraz - like offshore colony and relocate Gazans to Sinai.

EgyptThe first option is for Egypt to take control of Gaza in exchange for complete exemption from its massive external debt. Caspit claims some Gulf countries and Americans still support this option, but noted Egyptian resistance was fierce.

Ben Caspit said a senior Israeli political source said that Egyptians believe that adding more than 2 million Palestinians to Egypt's population will awaken the Muslim Brotherhood and may lead to a revolution in Egypt.

"They prefer Egypt's bankruptcy to exposing themselves to that."

Proposals in this option include rebuilding Gaza south of its current location instead of rebuilding in the areas of destruction left by Israeli bombs, relocating some of its residents to Arab or other countries, and leaving the rest in the reconstructed Gaza.

Ramallah to Gaza
According to Caspin, the return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza is feared by many Israeli decision-makers because it undermines the final goal of the government to sever all relations between it and Gaza.

Caspit explained that there are "several political interests at play here," as the Israeli political right strongly opposes the Palestinian Authority's control of Gaza, fearing the unification of the Palestinians under a joint leadership would revive the possibility of political negotiations for a Palestinian state.

International alliance
Caspit said the third option was to hand over the keys to an international alliance consisting of Arab countries or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or the European Union or the United Nations or all of them.

A senior Israeli political source told the writer that this option seems romantic but is difficult to achieve because those who manage Gaza must participate in its administration and have a genuine interest, not just be guests.

An artificial island
One of the solutions described by Ben Caspit as creative, proposed within the third option, is to create a massive artificial island off the coast of Gaza.

A former high-ranking security official told the site that this would be cheaper and faster than rebuilding the Gaza Strip. The technology, means, and money exist, "and Gaza residents will get new land with efficient infrastructure. There will be no land border between Israel and Gaza."

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