Israel witnesses decline in migration due to ‘instability’

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(Photo:: Twitter)
AMMAN — A Hebrew newspaper, "Yedioth Ahronoth", reports a notable decrease in the migration of young American groups to Israel amid rising tensions from recent crises.اضافة اعلان

The Israeli immigration encouragement organization "Nefesh B'Nefesh" said, "Israeli attractions are dimmed due to internal disputes, and there is a slowdown in migration," adding, "There is talk of instability in Israel, more people are telling us that they are not interested in migrating," Amad for News reported.

According to the newspaper, since the beginning of the year, only a third of the youth have migrated to Israel compared to the average over the past decade, excluding the years when the coronavirus spread.

The newspaper pointed out that the increase in immigrants is concentrated in the retired category, as they seem not to be affected by the instability in Israel.

The organization stated that "by the end of the year, we are likely to reach around 3000 immigrants, but it will be 10-15 percent less than previous years."

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