Israel's war on Gaza targets Palestinian culture, archaeology, and history

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GAZA — Israel’s war on Gaza has spared no one. The continuous bombardments by the Israeli Occupation Forces have resulted in the fatalities of numerous Palestinian intellectuals and artists, along with extensive damage to cultural, archaeological, and historical centers in the Strip.اضافة اعلان

According to a report from the Ministry of Culture in the Palestinian Authority released on Wednesday, the Palestinian cultural scene has suffered significant losses across various fields, with 28 creative individuals killed including four children. Additionally, nine publishing houses and libraries were destroyed, along with a considerable number of cultural centers, 21 of which have been identified, Quds Press reported.

Large portions of the Old City of Gaza City have been devastated, including 20 historical buildings comprising mosques, churches, museums, and archaeological sites. Furthermore, three studios, as well as media and artistic production companies, have been both destroyed and damaged.

The report documented the destruction and attacks on cultural property within the cultural sector, stating, "after two months of war on the Gaza Strip, and its continued assaults on all the capabilities of our people."

The culture war
According to the Ministry of Culture in the PA Atef Abu Saif, “The essence of this war is based on the idea of trying to annihilate, erase, remove, and displace our people... Targeting cultural life in the country is part of this raging war against our people, aiming to complete the Nakba plan that began in 1948."

Abu Saif continued, "The culture war has always been at the heart of the invaders' war against our people because the real war is against the narrative to steal the country and its rich value, including antiquities, knowledge, historical and cultural treasures, and the stories associated with it."

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