Israel Police confiscate books depicting Palestinian flag in East Jerusalem

palestinian students
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OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEMEast Jerusalem education officials have said that hundreds of books teaching the Palestinian Authority's curriculum have been confiscated with police claiming they are incendiary materials.اضافة اعلان

Since the beginning of the school year, police have commenced using a new policy of detaining students and searching their bags, even if they are just passing through the eastern part of the city on their way to school. They have continuously confiscated textbooks depicting the Palestinian flag, Haaretz reported.

Epistemological violence and resistance
Around 300 pupils attend three high schools in the Al-Aqsa compound, two for boys and one for girls. The Waqf, the Jordanian custodian of Muslim holy sites in the region, supervises the schools, which teach the Palestinian Authority's curriculum, as do over 80 percent of schools in East Jerusalem.

One student, Ibrahim, says that he was stopped by police and told to "open the bag." He said that when police saw Palestinian flags in his books, they confiscated them. Another student, Muhammad, says his geography book was confiscated. "They did it to a lot of my friends from school. The teacher sent us the book on WhatsApp, so we could learn," he added.

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