His Majesty’s warning on Christianity’s future in Jerusalem gains recognition

King Christian
His Majesty King Abdullah, accompanied by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and HRH Crown Prince Hussein, attends churches’ celebration of Christmas and the New Year, attended by Christian and Islamic religious leaders and figures from Jordan and Palestine at Al Hussein Cultural Center. 18 December 2018. (Photo: Royal Court)
ACCUPIED EAST JERASULEM — In September last year, His Majesty King Abdullah made a statement at the United Nations, declaring, "Christianity in the Old City is under fire." He emphasized the importance of Christianity to the region and its historical significance, cautioning against undermining Jerusalem's historical and legal status, which he believed would fuel global tensions and deepen religious divides.اضافة اعلان

Initially, many, including Joel Rosenberg, editor of All Israel News and All Arab News, questioned the necessity of the King's statement. However, this week, Rosenberg had a change of heart and issued a surprising apology, acknowledging His Majesty’s prescience, the Jerusalem Post reported.

An accurate and deeply concerning assessment by His Majesty
Rosenberg, an evangelical residing in Jerusalem, admitted that His Majesty’s assessment was accurate and deeply concerning. He now fears that escalating violence against Christians could attract criticism from both Israel's allies and adversaries. He emphasized the importance of not allowing Israel to be criticized as unsafe for Christians.

Several incidences of violence
Over the past year, several antagonistic and violent incidents have targeted Christians in Israel, including evangelical Christian visitors. Rosenberg highlighted incidents where Christians were assaulted near the Western Wall, religious Jews rioted at a Christian concert in Jerusalem, and the Interior Ministry denied work and clergy visas to evangelical Christians.

50 percent of tourists to Israel come from the Christian community
Approximately 50 percent of tourists to Israel come from the Christian community. Rosenberg noted that Christians worldwide desire to visit the Holy Land but often harbor fears due to security concerns. He condemned any harm to tourists or disrespect towards Christian symbols, urging cooperation to ensure the best possible tourist experience.

This week, an intermenstrual committee, Israel Police, and various NGOs launched the "Old City Forum" to address recent harassment incidents against Christians and enhance the tourist experience in Jerusalem's Old City.

Increasing attacks against Christians could lead to inquiries
Rosenberg also warned that increasing attacks against Christians could lead to inquiries from Christian members of US Congress and senators. He expressed concern that prominent figures like Senator Lindsey Graham and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might feel compelled to intervene, emphasizing that Jerusalem is meant to be a "house of all nations" and that the violence is shocking.

He concluded by questioning why such incidents were allowed to happen and why they had not been corrected.

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