Analysts say Lebanon deal possible first step to restoring Syria relations

(Photo: Wikimedia)
AMMAN — Jordan agreed on Saturday to help crisis-hit Lebanon by sending gas and electricity through Syria to Lebanon, according to Agence France-Presse.اضافة اعلان

The plan involves using Egyptian gas to generate electricity in Jordan that will then be transmitted via Syria to Lebanon, Reuters reported.

Lebanon’s president stated that he had received approval from Washington for the deal.

Lebanon’s economy has been in a tailspin in recent months and the country is also dealing with an energy crisis.

In an interview with Jordan News, former deputy prime minister and economist Jawad Anani said that “Jordan seeks to create relations with neighboring countries regardless of previous differences,” especially after his Majesty King Abdullah’s return from the US.

Anani stressed that Jordan is important to Syria and vice versa. Therefore, Jordan is striving to restore stability, fight terrorism by contributing to economic stability, and achieve security. 

“In fact, we, as Jordanians, see Syria as our main crossing point for Turkey, Europe, and Lebanon,” he added.

He stressed that Syria's return to the Arab League is “important,” as is the reopening of the borders between the two countries. “The decision to agree to transit electricity ... to Lebanon shows that Syria agrees to restoring relations to what they were before the Arab Spring.”

Anani concluded by saying that international conflicts play out in Lebanon, and that if stability and economic prosperity return to the country, the entire region’s economy benefits.

Analyst Omar Al-Raddad, said: "Syria's approval for the passage of Jordanian electricity through its territory to Lebanon” possibly provides an objective explanation to achieve full security in Daraa and its surrounding area.

Jordan will host a meeting next Wednesday with the ministers of energy of Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported on Sunday.

Upon the invitation of Minister of Energy Hala Zawati, the ministers will discuss boosting cooperation to deliver Egyptian gas to Lebanon via Jordan.

Lebanon has also been experiencing a shortage of hospitals, food, and communication services.

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